Whether it is a super density concrete for neutron shielding at nuclear power plants, or an accelerator for quick strength motorway concrete repairs, or a floor screed, or a render for private property owners, we have the product for you!

Rockbond Special Concrete Products are manufactured in the UK

We supply directly to our customers from our factory in Suffolk, or from our warehouses throughout the UK mainland.

Please include the postcode with your enquiry so that we can forward you a quotation for delivery. We deliver worldwide!

We deliver

We deliver dry mixed special concrete products, ”all in the bag”, latices and resins.

Simply add the contents of the bag to water, mix and place. For further information call 01206 265116, or send an email to info@rockbond.co.uk with a brief description of your requirement.

Rockbond Underwater Mortar used at the Queen Elizabeth ferry terminal Jersey

Rockbond Admix 201 Superplastizer and Rockbond Admix 402 Accelerater used in ready mix concrete placed on aircraft standing areas at Heathrow Airport.

Rockbond Resin Top Primer used to seal concrete worktops.

Rockbond Company Description

Rockbond SCP are Formulators, Manufacturers and Consultants of Special Concrete Products for building, construction and civil engineering. The company was founded in 1994 by Gilbert Cox Managing Director and Concrete Chemist.

Rockbond Manufactures premixed, dry mixed concrete products with all the ingredients in the bag and ready to use. Simply add the contents of the bag to water, mix and place the type of concrete repair material, mortar, render, grout, concrete, flooring material or underwater product that you require.

Throughout the last 30 years the Company has pioneered the use of:

Rockbond Resin Top Primer used to seal concrete worktops.

Microsilica super pozzolanic cement to enhance the

performance of Portland cementitious systems. Superplasticizer powders to reduce the water content, increase the flow and strength of concrete. Shrinkage compensating cements to prevent cementitious materials from shrinking and cracking. Chloride free accelerators to speed up the early strength development of concrete at low temperatures. Water soluble polymers to improve the cohesion, stability and anti wash out properties of concrete. Acrylic polymer powders to enhance the ahesion, impermeability and durability of concrete. Flexible acrylic polymer dispersions to produce concrete that is flexible, very adhesive and waterproof.

The company also produces and supplies a range of polymer latices, admixtures for cement and concrete and a variety of resin materials for various applications.

Should you require further information on any of our Special Concrete Products, then please do contact Gilbert Cox in the Technical Department,

tel +44 (0) 1206 265116, or email us at info@rockbond.co.uk

Thank you!