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Rockbond Concrete Repair and Protection Products, CRPP

Rockbond Concrete Repair and Protection Products, CRPP

Rockbond formulations meet the Department of Transport Specifications for the repair and protection of steel reinforced concrete, highway structures, viaducts, bridges, tunnels and motorway carriageway concrete. Products include cementitious mortars, grouts and concretes that are non shrink, non flow and flowing.  The materials develop low and high compressive strengths and are waterproof, weatherproof and impermeable to chemical attack.

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Product Uses
Rockbond Steel PrimerRockbond Steel Primer (RB SP) Brush applied to steel reinforcing to protect steel against chloride attack, moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide and acid gases. To chemically passify steel in chemically aggressive environments. To protect steel against de-icing salts, and for use in marine locations. For reinforced concrete in chemical and fertliliser plants, farms, food factories, dairies, abattoirs, tunnels and sewers.
Rockbond Repair MortarRockbond Repair Mortar (RB RM) To repair and protect concrete to the Dept of Transport Specifications. For general non flow repairs to concrete floors, ramps, roads, car parks, cementitious surfaces, render, mortar, masonry, stone, bricks and blocks. For structural applications, thin sections and feather edges. To fill, seal and waterproof voids, cavities, cracks, gaps and joints in mortar and concrete.
Rockbond Sprayed Mortar (RB SM) Rockbond Sprayed Concrete (RM SC) Formulated to the Dept of Transport Specification BD 27/86. Quick and rapid repairs to concrete structures. Protective coatings in mechanically aggressive environments such as marine defenses, tunnels, culverts and moving water situations.
Rockbond Lightweight Mortar (RB LWM) In high build situations for use in one application: 60mm or more on soffit surfaces, 75mm or more on vertical surfaces. Lightweight, low density repairs to cementitious materials, concrete, masonry, bricks and blocks. Whenever a light weight, non flow material is require.
 Rockbond Lightweight 1200 (LW1200G) and Lightweight 1800 (LW1800G) Grouts The grout is specially designed to be low in weight, and to penetrate and fill small and large volume voids that require a low density material.
Rockbond Repair GroutRockbond Repair Grout (RB RG) For the repair and protection of reinforced concrete structures. For the filling and sealing of voids, and general purpose grouting. Load bearing applications: under heavy machine baseplates, structural baseplates, bridge bearing seats, crane rail tracks, generators and compressors. Holding down assemblies, anchor bolts and starter bars.
1.08.01_Repair_ConcreteRockbond Repair Concrete (RB RC) For general purpose and high performance concreting applications. Concrete repairs to reinforced concrete structures. Load bearing and structural applications. Motorway bridges, viaducts and carriageway repairs. Repair and protection of concrete structures in marine environments.