Gilbert James Cox Biography

BATH UNIVERSITY: BSc Degree in Applied Chemistry.




Chemist, Grouting Technologist. GJC was involved with the “Investigation into Cementitious Materials for the Repair and Protection of Offshore Concrete Structures. Carried out repairs to Offshore Concrete Oil Production Platforms.


ARMOREX LTD: Technical Manager. Involved with the re-formulation and improvement of existing Armorex products. Design and development of new products. Supervised production and testing.


PROTON GROUP LTD: Director Proton Group and Proton Flooring Systems. Technical Director, Managing Director, Proton PCS. GJC was involved with the Design and Development of the Proton Range of Portland Cementitious Systems. First research and development mixes carried out using microsilica, and first “All in the Bag” microsilica modified products manufactured and supplied to the Construction Industry in 1983. Gained expertise in quick strength cements, expansive cements and acrylic polymer powders. Designed and supplied more than 4,000 tonnes of Underwater and Tunnelling Materials for the Channel Tunnel; 800 tonnes of Pressure Pointing Mortar used in the Thames Ring Main; 80,000 linear metres of Flexible Sealer used on the Dartford Bridge, and various Repair and Protection Materials for British Rail, British Waterways and Department of Transport.


ELKEM MATERIALS LTD: Technical Consultant. Formulated premixed microsilica modified cementitious materials.


APPLEBY GROUP LTD: Consultant to Appleby Building Products. Responsible for the Design and Development of Appleby Building Products. Advised on manufacture, mixing and testing of Appleby Products.


DAVID BALL GROUP PLC: Managing Director of Kerner-Greenwood (UK) Ltd. Involved with the formulation, re-formulation, design and development, the Quality Assurance of Portland cement based construction products, including admixtures for cementitious materials, and waterproofing products. Technical Consultant to the David Ball Company.


TARMAC SPECIAL PRODUCTS AND MARKETING: Technical Consultant to Tarmac Topmix and Tarmac Top-pac range of dry mixed concrete products.


INSTARMAC GROUP LTD, EPRO LTD: Technical Consultant. Formulator for Instarmac and Epro Products.


HEWETSON PLC, CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL SERVICES LTD: Involved with the Research and Development of lightweight concrete materials for prefabricated access flooring.


ROCKBOND SCP LTD: Managing Director, Technical Director. Involved with the formulation of the Rockbond Range of Special Concrete Products. Manufacture and supply of materials for radioactive shielding at Jet Joint Undertaking, mortars for the Jubilee Line Extension and the Fylde Coastal Tunnel Project. Designed, developed, manufactured and supplied admixtures for early strength concrete for use by British Airports Authority, Railtrack and the Highways Agency. Involved with the supply of Special Concrete Products to Contractors under an “Own Label” arrangement.