Rockbond Sands and Aggregates, RB SA

Rockbond lightweight sands and aggregates are used in lightweight concrete, and heavy aggregates for ballast and radioactive shielding. Abrasion resistant sands and aggregates are used for anti skid surfaces, scour protection and heavy duty floors.  Rockbond road stone is used in roads, carriageway concrete and runways.

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Product Information Sheet: Rockbond Perlite Sands and Aggregates



ROCKBOND PERLITE SAND (RB PS) is a naturally occurring form of siliceous volcanic rock, consisting of approximately 90% aluminium silicate. The rock is dried, crushed and graded, and then heated in kilns to a temperature of 1250ºC. Heat treatment causes the perlite to expand and form an infinite number of discrete air bubbles within the sand particles. It is the air within the material that gives the sand its lightweight and unique physical properties. ROCKBOND PERLITE SAND AND AGGREGATES are packaged in 10kg moisture proof, durable bags and have an indefinite shelf life.



  • Pure, white, light with a very low bulk density.
  • Can be supplied in various gradings, from a fine sand to a coarse aggregate.
  • Sterile, inorganic, inert, pH neutral and resistant to chemicals and attack by strong mineral acids.
  • Biologically stable, permanent, will not mould, rot, decay or decompose.
  • Fire resistant, non combustible, and will not give off noxious or toxic gases.
  • Excellent insulator, and a poor conductor of heat and sound.
  • Highly adsorbent material for liquid spillages, hazard solutions, chemicals, oil and diesel.
  • Does not contain asbestos.
  • High yielding, economical, non flammable, non toxic, odour free, user friendly and safe to use.



  •  As a loose infill for thermal insulation in cavities, storage tanks, attics, chimneys and kilns.
  • For gunite, shotcrete and spray coatings placed with minimal slump, sinkage and settlement.
  • For the production of lightweight linings, plasters, renders, roofs, floors, screeds, mortars, grouts and concrete.
  • In the manufacture of precast construction products such as doors, beams, boards, and blocks that are lightweight, fireproof and provide thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • For sands and aggregates for use in fire resistant, refractory and foundry materials. For fire and high temperature resistance to kilns, ovens, boilers, fireplaces and chimneys.
  • For filtration material used to produce clean water, free from colour, taste and odour.
  • To thermally insulate buildings, floors, roofs, walls, cavities, pipes and ducts.
  • As an adsorbent to soak up aqueous solutions, oil, chemicals and industrial waste.
  • For use in particular applications such as acoustics, cosmetics, filtration, agriculture, horticulture and construction.