Product Information Sheet:



ROCKBOND FLEXIBLE (APFC) PAINT (RB FPA) is a two part, elastomeric system consisting of a cementitious dry pack and flexible acrylic latex.

The dry pack, ROCKBOND FLEXIBLE PAINT DRY PACK (RB FPA DP), is a mixture of a unique blend of cement powders, fillers and admixtures.

When the powder is mixed with the latex, ROCKBOND FLEXIBLE LATEX (RB FL), a grey paint is produced which is extremely adhesive, flexible and waterproof.

The material is an Anti-carbonation, Protective, Flexible Coating to concrete and cementitious materials.

The paint is ready to use, is supplied in 2kg/1.5 litre or 10kg/7.5 litre packs and has a shelf life of two years.




*Available in white, and in a range of attractive colours.

*Can be used on all construction materials.

*Thixotropic, and will not slump, run or drip.

*Quickly and easily mixed and applied by brush, broom, roller or spray.

*Extremely adhesive, flexible and waterproof.

*Resilient and durable: will not crack or debond, and resistant to ultraviolet light.

*Permanent protective paint for concrete, steel, stone, brick, mortar, render and wood.

*Water “soluble” – equipment is quickly and easily washed and cleaned with water.

*High yielding, economical, non flammable, non toxic, odour free, user friendly and safe to use.




+To prevent carbonation and sulphation in cement and concrete.

+Waterproofing applications, and for the installation of damp proof courses.

+For use as an adhesive: to bond construction materials to steel and concrete.

+The filling, sealing and waterproofing of cracks, joints, gaps and seals.

+To protect structures from weather and weathering.

+To protect reinforced concrete against freeze/thaw cycles, de-icing salts,

deleterious aqueous solutions, acid gases and corrosion.

+Elastic requirements during cold weather or low temperature situations.

+To produce aesthetically pleasing and coloured finishes to repairs, buildings and

concrete structures.