Product Information Sheet:


ROCKBOND ADMIX 221 (RB A221) is a special blend of admixture powders for use with flowing cementitious materials. The powder contains water reducing, anti-bleed and gaseous expansive agents, and a stability aid for high flow materials. The compound is used to minimise segregation and plastic settlement of site batched materials, and to produce flowing materials that are dimensionally stable and effective at filling voids. The admixture is not a set expansive agent. The powder is packaged in 1kg waterproof, durable bags and has a self life of 2 years.


Special Properties

  • Factory produced, quality assured and ready to use.
  • Can be packaged in water soluble bags for convenient handling.
  • Quickly and easily mixed and dispersed in the mix water.
  • Reduces the water/cement ratio of cementitious mixes.
  • Enhances the flow, penetration and the filling of cracks, crevices and voids.
  • Reduces the segregation of sand and aggregate, and eliminates bleed water.
  • Produces a positive plastic expansion and reduces settlement and cracking.
  • Increases the compressive, tensile and mechanical strengths of grouts and concretes.
  • Decreases the permeability of the cement and promotes long lasting, durable materials.
  • High yielding, economical, non flammable, non toxic, odour free, user friendly and safe to use.


  • To produce homogeneous flowing cementitious materials.
  • To effect a positive plastic expansion and reduce segregation in grouts and concretes.
  • To penetrate and fill voids in rubble, rock, masonry, brick and concrete.
  • To fill cables and ducts, and holding down assembles.
  • To provide contact with load bearing surfaces between structural elements.
  • With cementitious materials for structural applications to meet strength requirements.
  • Under structural baseplates, machine baseplates and crane rail tracks.
  • Underpinning, and stabilizing loose floor slabs in paths, car parks and roads.
  • To enhance the resistance of cement against chemical attack.