ROCKBOND ADMIX 501 (RB A501) powder is a dry mixed blend of compatible admixtures which has been specially designed to improve the performance of non flow cementitious materials. The admixture contains an acrylic co polymer powder and is used as an additive to enhance the application and set properties of site batched renders, mortars, non flow concretes and flooring materials. Hardened acrylic modified cementitious materials have a greater cohesive and adhesive strength, are marginally more flexible and are less porous than polymer free cementitious products. The compound is ready to use, is supplied to order, packaged in moisture proof, durable bags and has a shelf life of 5 years.

Special Properties

  • Formulated for use with site batched materials.
  • Quickly mixed and dispersed in water to generate an acrylic co-polymer latex in the mix.
  • Improves water retention, curing and reduces air entrainment, settlement and shrinkage.
  • Enhances cohesion, and the adhesion of repair and flooring materials to brick or concrete.
  • Increases the flexural, tensile and shear strengths of mortars and concretes.
  • Imparts flexibility to site batched renders, repair materials and floor screeds.
  • Increases impermeability and resistance to chemical attack, and enhances durability.
  • Water based: mixing equipment and tools are easily washed and cleaned with water.
  • High yielding, economical, non flammable, non toxic, odour free, user friendly and safe to use.


  • For use in mortars and renders that have low cement contents.
  • To produce good quality mortars and renders from site batched materials.
  • To damp proof, waterproof and weatherproof site batched renders, mortars and concretes.
  • For site batched flooring materials, and repair materials for concrete, floors and screeds.
  • To prevent frost attack to mortars, renders and concrete.
  • To produce cementitious materials strong in adhesion and tension, and to resist abrasion.
  • For use with Portland cement in construction as an adhesive, tile adhesive and crack filler.
  • For use in chemically aggressive environments, such as food factories, dairies, abattoirs and fertiliser plants and stores.