Product Information Sheet:


ROCKBOND ADMIX 901 (RB A901) powder is a blend of admixtures which has been specially formulated to produce non flowing mortars and concretes which are non shrink. The powder, when mixed with site batched Portland cementitious materials, will produce hardened renders, mortars and non flow concretes that are resistant to drying shrinkage. The compound will also minimise problems associated with shrinkage, such as cracking, crazing, curling, high porosity, reduced strength and limited durability. The powder is ready to use, supplied to order, packaged in moisture proof, durable bags and has a shelf life of two years.


Special Properties

  • Can be packaged in water soluble bags for convenient handling and easy use.
  • Quickly and easily mixed and dispersed in the mix water.
  • Produces cementitious materials that resist shrinkage, cracking and crazing due to the desiccation of the cement.
  • Prevents dusting, debonding, curling and loss of strength.
  • Promotes the self curing of renders, mortars and concrete: no need to apply curing agents.
  • Produces crack free cementitious materials that are impermeable, waterproof, weatherproof, durable and provide long lasting protection to steel.
  • High yielding, economical, non flammable, non toxic, odour free, user friendly and safe to use.


  • To produce shrinkage compensated mortars and concretes from site batched materials.
  • To produce non shrink, ready mixed mortars and concrete.
  • To produce shrinkage compensated, crack free, weatherproof, waterproof cement renders.
  • To stop shrinkage and cracking of concrete in exposed situations, or in sensitive areas where curing regimes can’t be applied.
  • To eliminate shrinkage and cracking in floor screeds and slabs, car parks, taxi-ways, runways, roadways and motorway carriageway concrete.
  • For use in concrete to protect the steel from seawater and de-icing salts.
  • To produce crack free, chemically resistant, durable mortars and concretes.