Rockbond Acrylic Adhesive

Product Information Sheet:


ROCKBOND ACRYLIC ADHESIVE (RB AA) is a two part bonding compound consisting of a cementitious dry pack and an acrylic resin latex.  ROCKBOND ACRYLIC ADHESIVE DRY PACK

(RB AA DP) contains a blend of special cement powders, alkali resistant glass fibres and compatible admixtures.  When the dry pack is mixed with the ROCKBOND ACRYLIC RESIN LATEX (RB ARL),

a semi flowing, fibre reinforced, acrylic modified, cementitious paste is produced which has been specially designed for bonding together of all types of construction materials, concrete, masonry, brick, stone, steel, plastic, wood and glass.  The adhesive is also used to waterproof and smooth uneven and porous surfaces and to protect concrete, brick and stone from chemical attack.  The product is ready to use, is supplied in 3kg/2 litre and 15kg/10 litre packs and has a shelf life of two years.


Special Properties

  • Available in white, and also in a range of colours to colour match construction materials.
  • Quickly and easily mixed, brushed, worked and placed for ease of application and contact.
  • Can be used to bond wet or precast concrete to steel and other building materials.
  • Permanent bond to concrete, masonry, brick, stone, steel, plastic, wood and glass.
  • Impermeable, waterproof, weatherproof, damp proof and resistant to chemical attack.
  • Water based: mixing equipment and tools are easily washed and cleaned with water.
  • High yielding, economical, non flammable, non toxic, odour free, user friendly and safe to use


  •  To stick concrete to concrete, masonry, brick, stone, steel, plastic, wood and glass.
  • To prime and enhance the bond between construction materials.
  • To fill and point joints, gaps, cracks and cavities in concrete, brick, blocks, terrazzo and tiles.
  • To repair, paint and protect weak, porous and damaged concrete and cementitious surfaces.
  • To bond wet concrete to cast concrete, masonry, brick, stone and steel.
  • For use as a wall and floor adhesive to bond tiles to concrete, masonry, brick and stone.
  • For use as a general purpose adhesive during building and construction.
  • To cover and waterproof, weatherproof and damp proof various weak and porous surfaces.
  • To protect concrete against acid gases, carbonation, sulphation, nitration, frost, ozone,
    aqueous solutions, chlorine, chloride, seawater and waste water.