Rockbond Anti- Carbonation Coating (RB ACC)

Product Information Sheet:


ROCKBOND ANTI-CARBONATION COATING (RB ACC) is a single pack,ready to use coating system. The material is water based, and contains a blend of pure acrylic resin polymers. The coating is extremely adhesive, flexible and waterproof, and can be applied by brush, roller or spray. The material is a white, anti-carbonation, flexible, protective, coating to concrete. It also provides a protective cover to cementitious materials, steel, stone, brick, wood and other construction materials. The coating is supplied in 6.65kg/5 litre packs and has a shelf life of 5 years..

Special Properties

  •  200 micron dry film of ROCKBOND ANTI-CARBONATION COATING is equivalent to 745mm of good quality concrete!
  • Normally, no need to prime.
  • Can be used on all construction materials: concrete, mortar, render, masonry, stone, steel, wood, plastic and glass.
  • Thixotropic: will not slump or drip.
  • Highly adhesive, flexible and durable.
  • Resistant to ultraviolet light and colour fast.
  • Microporous, damp proof, waterproof and weatherproof.
  • Resistant to chemical attack and acid gases.
  • Resistant to microbial growth, algae, fungi and mould.
  • Supplied in white, or available in a range of attractive colours.
  • Water “soluble” – equipment is quickly and easily washed and cleaned with water.
  • High yielding, economical, non flammable, non toxic, odour free, user friendly and safe to use.


  • To prevent carbonation and sulphation in concrete and cementitious materials.
  • Waterproofing applications to concrete structures, walls and roofs.
  • Waterproofing applications to brick, blocks, stone, rock and masonry.
  • Protective paint for concrete, steel, stone, brick, mortar and render.
  • To protect structures from the weather and weathering.
  • To protect reinforced concrete against freeze-thaw cycles, de-icing salts, aqueous solutions, acid gases and corrosion.
  • For elastic requirements over cracked surfaces and moving substrates.
  • To produce smooth, coloured and aesthetically pleasing finishes.
  • To produce uniform, coloured finishes to areas of concrete containing concrete repairs