Product Information Sheet:



ROCKBOND CONCRETE STIRRER (RB CS) is a heavy duty steel stirrer or paddle with a hexagonal shaft which fits fast into the chuck assembly of a power tools or drills. The stirrer, spinning greater than at 500 revs/minute, produces a high speed, high shear mixing action which cuts into concrete powder and water mixes. The mixing action is fast and efficient, and produces a quick mix at low water/cement ratios which generate products with excellent flow and early strength characteristics. The use of a Rockbond Concrete Stirrer in conjunction with a Rockbond 25 litre mixing container provides a quick, simple and convenient way to mix ROCKBOND SPECIAL CONCRETE PRODUCT (RB SCP) powders with water. The stirrer is strong and durable and has a design life greater than most stirrers particularly those manufactured from aluminium and plastic.


  • Made of steel, strong, durable and long lasting.
  • Will fit the chuck of power tools and drills suitable to mix 25kg of concrete powder with water.
  • Quick, simple and convenient method to mix cementitious powders with water.
  • Height of the paddle is good for mixing materials in the body of the mix without splashing and loosing product from the surface of the mix
  • Economical, quick, convenient, user friendly and safe to use.


  • To mix ROCKBOND SPECIAL CONCRETE PRODUCT powders and other dry mixed
    bagged products with water
  • Useful method for dry mixing admixtures, cementitious powders
  • Ideal for breaking down clumps and lumps in powders, fillers and liquids.
  • For use to mix resin and latex ingredients, aqueous solutions and segregated particles.
  • To premix and prepare cement based powders ready for efficient wet mixing on site.