Rockbond Epoxy Bonding Agent (RB EBA)

Product Information Sheet:


ROCKBOND EPOXY BONDING AGENT (RB EBA) is a specially formulated two part, solvent free, epoxy resin system which consists of a hardener and a base resin which is filler free. When the hardener is mixed with the base component, a free flowing epoxy grout is produced which quickly hardens and to produce a strong bonding material. The compound is used to bond cementitious materials to steel and other construction materials. The resin is supplied in 1kg/1 litre packs and has a shelf life of 1 year.

Special Properties

  • Pre batched, pre packed and ready to use.
  • Does not contain phenolic accelerators and is solvent free.
  • Quickly and easily mixed and applied by brush, broom or roller.
  • Low viscosity, high workability and free flowing.
  • Develops a high early adhesive strength.
  • Can be used at low temperatures down to 0ºC
  • Adheres strongly to most construction materials: cement, mortar, concrete, brick, stone, masonry, steel, wood, plastic and glass.
  • Can be used to bond wet or cured concrete to steel and other building materials.
  • Forms a strong permanent bond to concrete, steel, wood and most construction materials.
  • Impermeable and waterproof: resistant to aqueous solutions, acids, oils and organic solvents.
  • Water “soluble” – materials and equipment can be washed and cleaned with water.


  •  To bond wet concrete to cast concrete, steel and other construction materials.
  • To produce a high strength, permanent, waterproof bond to concrete and steel.
  • To bond precast concrete, stone, bricks, blocks and wood to concrete and steel.
  • For use as a general purpose adhesive during building and construction.
  • To form a quick bond between construction materials at low temperatures.
  • To fill, seal and protect cracked concrete and porous cementitious surfaces.
  • To install wearing surfaces to weak and friable concrete floors, paths and roadways.
  • To waterproof and protect concrete against frost, aqueous solutions and chemical attack.