Rockbond Epoxy Steel Primer RB ESP

Product Information Sheet:

To protect steel from corrosion in chemically aggressive environments for durable reinforced concrete in chemical works, tunnels and sewers to protect steel against de-icing salts and seawater in marine locations.


Rockbond Epoxy Steel Primer (RB ESP) is a specially formulated two part, solvent based, epoxy steel primer system which consists a hardener and a base resin. When the hardener is mixed with the base component, a free flowing epoxy coating is produced which hardens and protects steel against corrosion and chemical attack. The resin is supplied in 1.2kg/1 litre two part packs and has a shelf life of 1 year.

Special Properties

  • Pre batched, pre packed and ready to use.
  • Quickly and easily mixed and applied by brush, broom or roller.
  • Low viscosity, high workability and free flowing.
  • Quick drying, strong and bonds fast to steel and other metal surfaces.
  • Impermeable, durable and provides long term protection.
  • Can be used to bond wet or cured concrete to steel and other construction materials.
  • Resistant to chemicals, aqueous solutions, acids, oils and organic solvents.


  • Brush or spray applied to steel reinforcing to protect steel against chemicals, chloride attack, moisture, oxygen and acid gases.
  • To chemically protect steel in chemically aggressive environments.
  • To protect steel against de-icing salts and in marine locations.
  • For reinforced concrete in dairies, abattoirs, chemical works, tunnels and sewers.
  • For use on concrete, concrete repairs and in new construction.
  • Protective coating to new or freshly prepared steel, steel reinforcing and steel structures.
  • To bond wet cementitious mortars, grouts, floor screeds and concrete to steel.