Rockbond Epoxy Timber Mortar (RB ETM)

Product Information Sheet:

ROCKBOND EPOXY TIMBER MORTAR (RB ETM) is a specially formulated, two part, epoxy resin mortar system which consists of a hardener and a base. When the hardener component is mixed with the base, a wood pigmented putty is produced which quickly hardens to produce a strong bonding, durable material which is compatible and similar to wood. The compound is used to fill, seal, repair and protect both softwood and hardwood timber. The resin is supplied in 1.8kg/2 litre packs and has a shelf life of 2 years.


Special Properties

  • Pre batched, pre packed, components are colour coded, and ready to use.
  • Quickly and easily mixed, and develops an excellent putty consistency ease of application.
  • Can be moulded, shaped and formed, and applied by trowel, float or gloved hand.
  • Behaves like wood: can be sanded, planed, stained and drilled.
  • Forms a strong permanent bond to wood and other construction materials.
  • Can be used for both cosmetic and structural repairs to wood and timber.
  • Microporous, weatherproof, waterproof, damp proof and resistant to frost.
  • Durable and inert: resistant to aqueous solutions, chemicals, acids and oils.
  • High yielding, economical, non toxic, odour free, user friendly and safe to use.


  • To repair, seal and protect old and new wood.
  • To fill cracks, voids, holes, gaps and joints in wood and timber structures.
  • To replace and repair damaged, cracked or rotten timber.
  • Patch repairs to wooden surfaces, walls, furniture and floors.
  • To restore the structural integrity of wooden frames, beams, joists, pillars and posts.
  • To produce attractive and ascetically pleasing finishes to floors and wooden surfaces.