Rockbond Pure Acrylic Latex (RB PAL)

Product Information Sheet:


ROCKBOND PURE ACRYLIC LATEX (RB PAL) is a specially formulated, pure acrylic polymer resin dispersed in water and combined with water reducing agents and admixtures. The latex, when added to the mix water, produces a hard polymer film, and improves the properties of hardened cementitious materials in general, and concrete repair and flooring materials in particular. The latex is supplied in 1 litre, 2 litre, 5 litre or 25 litre containers and has a shelf life of 1 year.

Special Properties

  • Can be used as a sealer, primer and bond aid for concrete and other construction materials.
  • Formulated for use with site batched materials.
  • Improves the adhesion of cementitious repair materials to brick, stone, render and concrete.
  • Increases the flexural and tensile strengths of mortars and concrete.
  • Wear resistant, reduces the permeability and chemical attack of cementitious materials and enhances durability.
  • Waterproof and permanent: will not break down or re-emulsify.
  • Water based – mixing equipment and tools easily washed and cleaned with water.
  • Economical, non flammable, non toxic, odour free, user friendly and safe to use.


    • To improve the performance of site batched cementitious materials.
    • For use in floor screeds and repair materials for floors and concrete.
    • For use in mortars for the laying and pointing of bricks and blocks.
    • For high strength or increased flexural and tensile strength applications.
    • For use in cementitious screeds and concrete placed in chemically aggressive environments.
    • Weatherproofing and waterproofing applications, and to prevent frost attack.
    • To penetrate, consolidate, strengthen and seal brick, stone and concrete substrates.
    • For use as a primer and bond aid to bond cementitious materials to other construction materials such as render, mortar, masonry, brick, stone, wood, plastic, glass and steel.