Rockbond Sprayed Mortar (RB SM) and Concrete (SC)

Rockbond Sprayed Mortar and Concrete (RB SM and RB SC) powders are pre-mixed, ready to use, cementitious powders made to Department of Transport Specification BD 27/86 for quick and rapid repairs to concrete structures.


ROCKBOND SPRAYED MORTAR (RB SM) powder is a pre-mixed, ready to use, cementitious mortar powder. The compound contains an unique blend of fine cement powders, graded sands, alkali resistant fibres, acrylic polymer powders, chloride free accelerators and admixtures. The powder, when sprayed with water, produces a non slump, non shrink mortar which quickly hardens to provide a material that is strong, dense and impermeable. ROCKBOND SPRAYED CONCRETE (RB SC) contains a crushed rock aggregate and is applied to sections greater than 60mm. The powders are packaged in 25kg moisture proof, durable bags and have a shelf life of 2 years.

Special Properties

  • Formulated to the Dept of Transport Specification BD 27/86 and the Specification for Highway Works.
  • Specially designed to produce an exceptionally dense, impermeable and durable material.
  • Portland cement based, fibre reinforced, acrylic resin modified, and microsilica enhanced.
  • Contains shrinkage compensated and low alkali cements, equivalent Na2O below 5kg/m³.
  • Contains sand safe from Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR).
  • High build material and will not slump or settle: 60mm sections can applied in one pass.
  • Quick and easily worked to produce a smooth and attractive finish.
  • Weatherproof, waterproof and Impermeable.
  • Contains no chlorides, ferrous metal or other deleterious substances.
  • Economical, non flammable, non toxic, user friendly and safe to use.


  • Large scale repairs and coatings to concrete, render, mortar, masonry, brick and stone.
  • Quick and rapid repairs to concrete structures, mass concrete and sea defences.
  • To consolidate, seal and strengthen rock faces, cliffs, cuttings and embankments.
  • To waterproof concrete structures, basements, walls, tanks, dams and reservoirs.
  • To repair concrete in mechanically aggressive environments such as marine defences, tunnels, culverts and moving water situations.
  • To protect reinforced concrete from chemical attack, chloride attack on highway structures, in marine locations, and chemically aggressive environments.
  • As a coating to extend the cover on existing concrete structures.