Product Information Sheet:


ROCKBOND STAINLESS STEEL FIBRES (RB SSF) are strong, inert, monofilament stainless steel fibres specially designed to improve the hardened properties of cementitious materials.  Concrete, mortars, renders and floor screeds harden to produce materials that are greater in tension and have a greater resistance to shear, wear and tear, impact and abrasion.  The fibres are also used to reduce or eliminate problems associated with the drying out of concrete, shrinkage, cracking and crazing.  The fibres are ready to use, supplied to order and have an indefinite shelf life.


  • Available in lengths and diameters of 12mm/0.4mm, 25mm/0.6mm and 35mm/0.7mm.
  • Fibres are made of stainless steel which is strong, tough and wear resistant.
  • Quickly and easily dispersed without bundling to produce workable mixes.
  • To produce steel reinforced concrete without the use of steel reinforcing or mesh.
  • To minimise shrinkage, reduce or eliminate both plastic and long term shrinkage.
  • Fibres prevent cracking to produce impermeable and durable cementitious products.
  • Produces concrete which is stronger in compression, flexion and tension.
  • The fibres are non absorbent, chemically resistant and will not degrade with time.
  • To enhance the resistance of concrete against heat, impact, shock, abrasion, wear and tear.
  • Economical, non flammable, non toxic, odour free, user friendly and safe to use.


  • For use in concrete placed in heavy engineering and railway workshops and shipyards.
  • For concrete placed in heavy and massive machine assembly plants and factories.
  • To produce wear resistant concrete where there is heavy and frequent vehicular traffic.
  • In areas where the traffic is steel wheeled or moves on caterpillars.
  • To repair and protect concrete against loading buckets, shovels and grabs.
  • To produce high flexural and high tensile strength concrete and flooring materials.
  • To eliminate shrinkage, cracking and crazing in cementitious screeds, thin toppings and coatings.
  • For corrosion free, marine concrete, sea defences, harbours, jetties, docks and locks.
  • A substitute for steel reinforcing cages, mesh and rods in the fabrication of reinforced concrete.
  • To produce high strength, fracture resistant, precast concrete products such as manhole rings and covers, frames, posts, kerbs, tiles and slabs.
  • For refractory concrete, precast products, kilns, gasifiers, ovens and pizza ovens.