Rockbond Admix 901

Concrete shrinks and cracks. Look at concrete anywhere and you will see it cracks. Cracks let in moisture, carbon dioxide, acid gases and oxygen which accelerates the corrosion of steel and the loss of strength in reinforced concrete structures. If the concrete is not repaired, then the structure will fail and fall down!

Stop the deterioration of reinforced concrete before it starts! Add Rockbond Admix A901 powder to the mix water of ready mixed concrete, site batched concrete and precast products. The admixture is quick, simple and safe to use.

Rockbond Admix 901 powder is a specially formulated blend of admixtures which, when mixed with Portland cementitious materials, produce renders, mortars, concretes and floor screeds that are shrinkage compensated, crack resistant and self curing. Cementitious materials, enhanced by the addition of the Rockbond Admix 901 are stronger, more impermeable and durable.

Produce safe concrete and save money when you manufacture A901 concrete that lasts!

Do contact the technical department at Rockbond SCP for further information.