Rockbond pigments for cement and concrete will add colour to your concrete products. The pigment powders are specially designed for use with cement. The pigments are alkali resistant, colour fast and will not fade with time.

The compounds will enhance the aesthetic appearance of precast concrete, castings, statues, sculptures, garden ornaments and artifacts. They will brighten up dull and dreary concrete, are economical, non flammable, non toxic, user friendly and safe to use.

Use Rockbond Concrete Repair Products for the non flow repair to highway reinforced structures.

Apply Rockbond Steel Primer to passify and preserve the steel, the Rockbond Primer Latex to seal and consolidate the concrete substrate, the Repair Mortar to repair and protect the concrete and Rockbond Cure to cure the mortar.

The products are high yielding, economical, non flammable, non toxic, odour free, user friendly and safe to use.

Are you carrying out essential concrete repairs to a seawall in the tidal zone during cold weather? Are you racing against the incoming tide which may wash away the repair? Then use the Rockbond Underwater Accelerated mortar! The mortar contains underwater cement, is non flow, develops an excellent putty consistency for ease of application above and below the waterline, is wash out resistant, gains a rapid early strength, and the hardened material is strong, waterproof and impermeable.

Concrete shrinks and cracks. Look at concrete anywhere and you will see it cracks. Cracks let in moisture, carbon dioxide, acid gases and oxygen which accelerates the corrosion of steel and the loss of strength in reinforced concrete structures. If the concrete is not repaired, then the structure will fail and fall down!

Stop the deterioration of reinforced concrete before it starts! Add Rockbond Admix A901 powder to the mix water of ready mixed concrete, site batched concrete and precast products. The admixture is quick, simple and safe to use.

Rockbond Admix 901 powder is a specially formulated blend of admixtures which, when mixed with Portland cementitious materials, produce renders, mortars, concretes and floor screeds that are shrinkage compensated, crack resistant and self curing. Cementitious materials, enhanced by the addition of the Rockbond Admix 901 are stronger, more impermeable and durable.

Produce safe concrete and save money when you manufacture A901 concrete that lasts!

Do contact the technical department at Rockbond SCP for further information.

Watch out Jack Frost is about! Does your property have porous concrete, render or brick? If so, rain water will be absorbed into the structure, and if the temperature drops below freezing, Jack Frost will attack and turn the water into ice. When ice forms it expands causing breakdown and damage. It’s a vicious circle of freeze, expand, destroy and thaw.

Seal, strengthen and protect your concrete and brick porous structures with Rockbond Primer Latex. Simply paint or spray two coats onto the surface and keep Jack Frost out!

Do you want a fluid cementitious grout that fills the joints between terrazzo tiles? Do you want the grout white or pigmented in a range of colours to match decorative stone sets? Do you want it to gain strength and go off quick? Do you want to use the grout outside when ambient temperatures are low? Do you want the grout to be non shrink, strong bonding, high strength, crack resistant and waterproof? Do you want it to resist floor cleaning materials and chemicals? Or do you want it flexible so it moves in sympathy with the surrounding tiles? Do you want the grout to be high yielding, economical, non flammable, non toxic, odour free, user friendly and safe to use?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then use Rockbond Ultraflow Grout Accelerated White!

Do you need materials to fill thin, long, deep and difficult voilds; closely spaced concrete units pillars, beams and bars; concrete crannies, cracks and crevices?


Rockbond Ultraflow Grout fine cements and fludity fully fills all sorts of spaces!

Are the floor tiles lifting on the base and falling off the walls of your swimming pool? Is the base concrete of your pool cracked and need of repair? Do you need to bond tiles to the concrete of your pool and do you need to point the gaps between the tiles? Do you have to carry out these operations underwater because there is a drought, or is it too expensive to drain the pool in Spain? Rockbond Underwater Putty TGW is the underwater adhesive and repair material you need!

Concerned and worried about water penetrating your property and ruining your carpets, furniture, electric appliances and precious belongings when the next floods come?

Will water penetrating your home or business become a hazard and compromise your safety and the safety of others?

Prevent flood attack and costs by applying Rockbond Tanking Mix Render to your external or internal brick, masonry or concrete walls. Plug the gaps and cracks where water can penetrate into areas where you definitely don’t want it!

Rockbond Tanking Mix Render powder is Portland cement based, waterproof and ready to use. Just mix with water, render or plaster the compound onto your walls and stop the flood water from coming in.

For flowing waterproof applications, pour the Rockbond Tanking Mix Grout into confined areas where the render can’t be used.

Got running water coming out of your basement brickwork wall? Or through your swimming pool concrete sides and base?

Or do you want to prevent waste water penetrating your home, or to stop a leak from your drinking water reservoir?

Don’t let a rising water table, floods and leaks be a concern or worry about the damage to your property and possessions.

Plug the flow, stop the water and seal the leak with Rockbond Waterstop Mortar (RB WSM).

Mix the mortar powder with water, wait for a few seconds and when the compound starts to go off, compact it into the crack or hole with the hand or hammer.

Rockbond Waterstop is quick, effective, simple and safe to use.