Rockbond Tanking Mix Render And Grout

Concerned and worried about water penetrating your property and ruining your carpets, furniture, electric appliances and precious belongings when the next floods come?

Will water penetrating your home or business become a hazard and compromise your safety and the safety of others?

Prevent flood attack and costs by applying Rockbond Tanking Mix Render to your external or internal brick, masonry or concrete walls. Plug the gaps and cracks where water can penetrate into areas where you definitely don’t want it!

Rockbond Tanking Mix Render powder is Portland cement based, waterproof and ready to use. Just mix with water, render or plaster the compound onto your walls and stop the flood water from coming in.

For flowing waterproof applications, pour the Rockbond Tanking Mix Grout into confined areas where the render can’t be used.