Product Information Sheet:


ROCKBOND FLOOR LEVELLING COMPOUND (RB FLC) powder is a mixture of special cement powders, fillers, finely graded sands, water dispersible co-polymer powders and a union of admixtures. The powder, when mixed with water, produces a fluid, self smoothing, self levelling, thin section, acrylic polymer modified cementitious floor screed. The material is used to level new and existing concrete floors, and to provide an underlayment to various floor toppings, carpets and tiles. The hardened compound is resistant to foot and light traffic. The powder is packaged in 25kg moisture proof, durable bags and has a shelf life of 5 years.

Special Properties
All in the bag, premixed and ready to use.
Quickly and easily mixed, pumped, placed and finished.
Portland cement based, microsilica enhanced, acrylic polymer modified, shrinkage compensated and fibre reinforced.
Fluid flow: produces smooth, level and flat surface without trowelling.
Can cover concrete from 25mm down to a feather edge.
Quick strength, strong bonding, self curing, non shrink and non curling.
Quick drying.
Floors can be trafficked within 2 hours and quickly returned to service.
High yielding, economical, non flammable, non toxic, odour free, user friendly and safe to use.
To produce smooth and flat surfaces to concrete floors and cementitious surfaces.
To level sloping floors to give a flat, level and horizontal surface.
To repair, resurface and smooth damaged concrete floors, steps and pathways.
To fill holes, ruts and depressions in cementitious floors.
A quick drying underlayment to solvent based resin toppings and coatings.
For use as a sub-floor underlayment to resin toppings, carpets, tiles and linoleum.
To provide an anti wearing surface to foot and light traffic.