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Rockbond Steel Primer is applied to protect a reinforced concrete pillar supporting the M1 motorwayRockbond Steel Primer is applied to protect a reinforced concrete pillar supporting the M1 motorwayCopyright Rockbond SCP

ROCKBOND STEEL PRIMER (RB SP) is a pre-mixed, ready to use, acrylic modified cementitious powder used to protect steel and steel reinforcing. The system contains a unique blend of fine Portland and microsilica cements, an elastomeric acrylic co-polymer resin powder and a union of compatible admixtures. The powder also contains powerful corrosion inhibitors. The compound, when mixed with water and painted onto steel reinforcing produces an elastic alkaline coating which will protect the steel against corrosion and chemical attack. The powder is packaged in 1.25kg durable, moisture proof packs and has a shelf life of 5 years.

Special Properties

  • Specially formulated for the protection of steel and steel reinforcing.
  • Excellent for use as a primer, a bonding aid, and a protective coating to concrete.
  • Quick and simple to mix and apply: thixotropic and non drip.
  • Portland cement based, acrylic resin polymer modified and microsilica enhanced.
  • Provides an elastic, alkaline protective coating to both steel and concrete.
  • Strong bond strength to steel and concrete, and the hardened coating is weatherproof, waterproof and impermeable.
  • Contains the latest steel anti-corrosion technology: the corrosion inhibitors will migrate to corroded steel, re-passify and protect.
  • High yielding, economical, non flammable, non toxic, odour free, user friendly and safe to use.


  •  Brush or spray applied onto steel reinforcing to protect steel against chloride attack, moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide and acid gases.
  • To chemically passify steel in chemically aggressive environments.
  • To protect steel against de-icing salts, and for use in marine locations.
  • For reinforced concrete in chemical and fertiliser plants, farms, food factories, dairies, abattoirs, tunnels and sewers.
  • For use on concrete, concrete structures, concrete repairs and in new construction.
  • To bond concrete to concrete, mortar, brick, stone, masonry, steel, wood, plastic and glass.
  • Ideal alternative to zinc rich primers or resin coating systems.