ROCKBOND UNDERWATER SCOUR PACK (RB UWSP) powder is a premixed, dry mixed cementitious concrete powder specially formulated for underwater non flow void filling applications. The compound contains a blend of cement powders, high quality graded crushed rock sands and aggregates and a union of admixtures. The powder is packed in hessian bags contained in a waterproof outer woven polypropylene sack. When the outer sack is removed and the hessian bag placed underwater, water penetrates the concrete powder and hydrates the cements to produce a non flow, fully compacted, abrasion resistant in situ concrete. The pack is used to fill underwater voids and cavities in concrete, brick and stone and to support and protect structures from scour, erosion and mechanical attack. The packs contain 25kg of powder, are waterproof and durable and have a shelf life of 5 years.


     *   The concrete powder requires no mixing and is ready to place and use.

     *   The compound incorporates a blend of admixtures which promote the penetration of water,

         through the powder, the hydration of the cements and the early hardening of the concrete.

     *   The packs provide instant non shrink concrete which are fully compacted and self bonding.

     *   Will not “fog”, disperse or breakup when placed and positioned underwater.

     *   The concrete develops a full cure, and high compressive, tensile and mechanical strengths.

     *   The hardened concrete is waterproof, impermeable and resistant to chemical attack.

     *   Can be used underwater, and above water with the addition of water in the outer sack.

     *   High yielding, economical, non flammable, non toxic, odour free, user friendly and safe to use.


     +  General underwater non flow, void filling and underpinning applications.

     +  Marine and fresh water underwater concrete scour repair and protection.

     +  For use in hostile locations such as areas of fast moving water, tides and splash zones.

     +  For the repair of seawalls, harbours, quays, jetties, culverts, ramps and slipways.

     +  Fortification and repair of river and sea defences above and below waterline.

     +  Repair and consolidation of water retaining structures, dams, pillars and bridge columns.

     +  To erect concrete walls, dams and structures to prevent flooding of property and places.

     +  For use when a quick, simple, convenient method of scour repair and protection is required.

     +  In applications where shutters, concrete mixing equipment, pumps and pipes cannot be used.